Treatment Menu 3 : Outer Calm

Environment matters.

Picture this…

A spacious airy, light-filled studio or nook, beautifully decorated, scented with your favourite aromas, sparkling clean, tidy, orderly, with an elegant sprinkling of objets d’art or inspiring bits and pieces. 


 A tiny corner of a cluttered kitchen table, surrounded by family detritus, unopened mail and the inevitable washing up. 

Which of these two scenarios would help you feel more creative and inspired – even before you begin

It’s clear to see that our work space can effect our creative energies and moods. So why not harness this relatively easy way to boost our creativity?

Many of the blocks and struggles on the creative path develop from invisible, inner beliefs and subconscious limitations. But in turning our attention to our environment, we can take the relatively easy steps of fixing any visible creativity-dampeners. 

Because our environment effects not only our creativity but also our productivity. (It can feel impossible to finish anything when we are overwhelmed by everything.)

And as much as we adore the thrill of creative expression for its own sake, for optimum fulfilment we need to complete at least some of our work. (And, if we’re brave enough, send it out into the world. happily your environment can help with confidence-boosting too…) 

So the places and spaces where we create can effect our energy, our flow and our output.

But our home environment also matters – even when we’re not creating. 

We are holistic beings, alive in a soup of complex energies; from other people, other places, other environments.

You know this if you’ve ever walked into a tranquil space and immediately felt soothing waves of relaxation wash over you. (This happens whenever I walk into my favourite spa…)

Or at the other end of the effects spectrum, if you’ve walked into a room during an argument, when you sense the tension in the air.

We feel our environment. It’s not always obvious or conscious, but it impacts us just the same.

And it effects us, our energy, our moods, even our health.

Environments can effect us on a cellular level – think of plants that are deprived of light and sunshine.

So in order to create the optimum conditions for our creative spirits to thrive, in this section we’re going to explore our surroundings.

We’re going to shine the light of awareness on our home, our workspace and our environments.

We’re going to play with ideas of light, colour, beauty, order, spaciousness and the soul-soothing effects of the natural world.

This Outer Calm work is two fold;

1. Creating and enjoying beautiful, inspiring spaces.

This feeds your spirit, soothes your soul and paves the way for a stronger connection to your inner world and your powerful muse.

2. Using the environment as a tool.

Dedicating certain spaces to certain tasks can be a powerful trigger to your creative mind.

For example,  I do the productive aspects of creative work in my office, then the planning and big ideas work in a big armchair in the top floor of my house. And working on my bed leads to a different vibe, different ideas and perspectives.

By learning which places affect you and how, you can use that knowledge to make your creative process easier and more enjoyable.

And The Muse Spa is all about ease and joy.

So let’s dive into some simple practices and habits that will boost your creativity and enhance your quality of life.

And as you make these simple changes, you’ll be amazed and delighted by the ways your home and workspace can boost your creativity, inspiration and wellbeing.

Get ready for a revitalising home makeover – it’s time to explore your surroundings and its effects on your muse…


• • • 

“To design a home is to design happiness,

to create for ourselves a little piece of joy.”

~ Naomi Cleaver

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