Treatment Menu 1 : Health & Wellness


If we want to have the time, energy and confidence for our creative dreams, we need to look after ourselves.

We need to value ourselves and our creativity enough to prioritise our self care.

Ill health, doubt, confusion, exhaustion and low self-esteem can devour our most precious resources;

the time, strength and clarity we need to deliver our gifts to the world.

The pursuit of a creative life is not for the feint-hearted. 

Yes, it can be joyful and exhilarating, it can be soul-satisfying and spiritually rewarding. But it can also demand a great deal from our inner wellsprings of resilience, perseverance, confidence and stamina.

We need to be fit, well, and able to turn up at the page, easel or studio.

Although creative expression can itself be a healthful force, we do have a part to play in keeping ourselves in prime condition to express our genius within.

Though our art needn’t be torturous or angst ridden, we owe it to ourselves and the life we dream of to stay physically muse-worthy.

And that’s what this Week 1 Treatment Menu is all about.

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The following material addresses your physical health and wellness, not only because these all effect you, but because they also affect your relationship with your muse. 

They have a direct impact on your creativity.

Our unique essence is a living alchemy of mind, body and soul. When we change one element, we effect the whole. We’re holistic beings and our work, our art come from this whole. 

This is why our physical state affects our creativity, and why small changes and shifts in your foundational habits of self care can yield massive results for your creative life.

For example, when you have your sleep life sorted,  (ie you’re aware of what works best for you, and how to get what you need), you will be more focused, energised and efficient. This level of performance (as well as the time rescued from insomnia and restless hours in bed) will free up time for more of your creative pursuits.

Similarly, when your nutritional needs are met, you’ll experience fewer mid-afternoon slumps.

Optimal health leads to optimal energy, inspiration and time for your creative dreams, and The Muse Spa is designed to deliver the full range of life-enhancing benefits.

Plus, the muse often speaks to us through our bodies! So before we can trust and follow her intuitive messages, first we have to hear them.

By paying more attention to your physical self, you will naturally become more attuned to your own body, or as author and spiritual warrior Meggan Watterson calls it; your sacred chance to be here. Your physical body is your spirit’s partner.

So our journey to the muse begins with the body.

We lavish love and attention on the bodily home of our soul and spirit. We use health and wellness principles to enhance and strengthen our access to creativity and inspiration. We use self-care to tune in and reconnect.

And as with all of The Muse Spa principles, it will spark a cascade of magical shifts in your life – beyond health and wellness matters. This is all part of the fabulous Upward Spiral that you begin to ride with even the smallest of positive changes.

The more you look after yourself, the more you’ll want to look after yourself (and feel you deserve the best!).

The more time you spend in this elevated energy zone (E.E.Z.!), the more you’ll naturally want to take excellent care of yourself; eating well, keeping fit and active, looking after your environment and your loved ones and the bigger community. These are all ingredients of a happy, meaningful and muse-friendly life.  

And it all begins with a little attention to your physical health and wellness. 


Becoming more creative involves adding to your life; increasing the richness and joy of creative expression.

However, if  your life is already busy, it makes sense that in adding a new focus, something, somewhere will have to give.

As we go through the course, there are many strategies where freeing-up more time is either the goal or a happy side-effect. But initially, for the sake of your health, sanity, relationships and creativity (ie the whole point of this course!) it’s vital to set boundaries of what to make non-negotiable; sleep, nutrition, self care etc., are not candidates for scaling back.

By implementing all the strategies and ideas in the course, you’ll naturally find a healthful life balance with space and time to meet your body’s needs.

But here, at the beginning, please just trust that time will open up. And merely giving some thought to your ideal self-care practices will set in motion ways you can make them a reality.

You’re doing this for your muse, remember and she’s a supreme force to be reckoned with. When you take care of your body, your muse will notice and she will support you.

After all, she needs you to be fit and well so you can express your combined genius.


“When we are in touch with our innermost selves,

we naturally choose what’s good for us,

without resistance, fear, contraction or any of the states that can bring us to our knees,

causing us to lose focus and dissipate out creative power.”

~ Hiro Boga

On ‘tuning in’

A core theme of The Muse Spa is to tune into your body’s messages. A stronger sense of inner knowing is what this work is all about. And though the techniques are intended to shift your life into a more inspired place, the final word lies with you and the messages you receive from body, mind and soul.

The Muse Spa is a partly an exercise in listening to you, to tuning to your own subtle signals.

Interpreting those is part of the coursework – and it may take time and effort, but it’s a skill that improves with practice.

Plus it can be fun to play! Of course you may misjudge, but those times will probably teach you more than any other.

So remember to relax and enjoy the process of tuning back into you.


Though I can’t imagine there is a doctor in the world that would advise against improved self-care, it may be the case that you need medical advice on exactly what that means for you.

If you have any health concerns that require a professional to supervise any dietary or behavioural changes, make sure you seek the support and guidance you need.

However important your creative goals, your basic health and wellbeing always take top priority.

Please select a treatment from the menu below.

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NOTE: I recommend only one treatment per day – to avoid overwhelm and study fatigue.

All the treatments will be available to you to revisit whenever you like. 

Which treatment would you like today?

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