The Muse Spa Treatments  :  Introduction

The pursuit of a creative life is not for the feint-hearted. 

Yes, it can be joyful and exhilarating, it can be soul-satisfying and spiritually rewarding. But it can also demand a great deal from our inner wellsprings of resilience, perseverance, confidence and stamina.

We need to be fit, well, and able to turn up at the page, easel or studio.

Although creative expression can itself be a healthful force, we do have a part to play in keeping ourselves in prime condition to express our genius within.

Though our art needn’t be torturous or angst ridden, we owe it to ourselves and the life we dream of to stay physically muse-worthy.

And that’s what this Week 1 Treatment Menu is all about.

• • • 

How self-care effects creativity…

For example, when you have your sleep life sorted,  (ie you’re aware of what works best for you, and how to get what you need), you will be more focused, energised and efficient. This level of performance (as well as the time rescued from insomnia and restless hours in bed) will free up time for more of your creative pursuits.

Similarly, when your nutritional needs are met, you’ll experience fewer mid-afternoon slumps.


The muse often speaks to us through our bodies! So before we can trust and follow her intuitive messages, first we have to hear them.

By paying more attention to your physical self, you will naturally become more attuned to your own body, or as author and spiritual warrior Meggan Watterson calls it; your sacred chance to be here. 

Your physical body is your spirit’s partner.

So our journey to the muse begins with the body.

elevated energy zone (E.E.Z.!)

And it all begins with a little attention to your physical health and wellness. 

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