The Muse Spa Secret Ingredient :

The Perks

The Perks. The secret weapon in making powerful, positive changes.

The focus of this material is designed to strengthen your relationship with your muse.

However, life is an integrated system and we are holistic beings.

And so the beauty of our human design is that in embracing the techniques that enhance our creativity, there are side-effects – wonderful, life-enhancing, positive changes that will ripple across your whole life, reaching beyond your creative work, and enhancing your health, beauty, wellbeing and inner calm.

I call these The Perks.

• • • 

Throughout the treatments, I’ll highlight The Perks – because these happy side-effects play a vital role in The Muse Spa process.

Perks are a pleasure in themselves, which is reason enough to include them here. Being a spa – we’re all about pleasure for its own sake.

But these Perks provide additional motivation, encouraging you to make the changes that may previously have been difficult to make.

When there are multiple compelling reasons to do something
– we’re far more likely to give it our attention and make it happen.

So The Muse Spa is designed to offer you new incentives for beneficial habits and choices.

For example, we all know we should eat well and exercise and get enough sleep etc…, but the pressures of modern life often push those good intentions down the list of things to do, especially when the payoffs just aren’t immediate enough to be motivating.

But what if you knew that movement, nutrition and quality sleep would lead to increased intuition and fertile conditions for your muse?

What if your new healthy regime meant more energy and efficiency that created space in your life for your creative dreams? 

On its own, the wish to looking good in a bikini may not be a powerful enough impetus to get us to change our habits.

But when this is combined with a strong desire to create a brilliant body of work and enjoy a meaningful and inspired life, the combined power of these desires becomes strong enough to overcome the excuses and resistance.

When we can see many attractive benefits – benefits we strongly desire – this desire creates a stronger determination.

And in knowing the benefits of creativity for our health and wellbeing, we’re even more inspired to make the changes that will enhance our relationship with the muse.

Driven by the creative spirit and boosted by The Perks, suddenly we find the inner source of energy propelling us to do the things we know we should do – the things that deep down, we know we want to do. 

We have an extra motivation to prioritise them. 

Knowing it’s a double whammy of success and vitality can give us that vital nudge to begin, to make changes, to take action, and create some of that powerful positive momentum that can take us where we want to go.

• • • 


The Ripple Effect & The Upward Spiral

The Perks offer you lots of lovely incentives to help you make the changes that will improve your quality of life.

But it gets better. These positive changes are cumulative – The Perks themselves have results that kick-start a wonderful upward spiral.

Any positive change in any aspect of your life can show up in happier results elsewhere.

For example, enhancing your creativity could work wonders for your love life.

Or adopting a new routine of gentle morning stretches could result in more flexibility in your personal relationships or new ways of thinking about your work.

Any muse-friendly changes to your lifestyle can bring surprising and delightful results in any and every aspect of your life.

There is a ripple effect, and these effects also empower us to make even more positive changes!

We’ll dive deeper into these ideas in the course – because when you harness the power of The Perks, the ripple effect and the upward spiral, life can get truly magical.

But for now, just be aware that The Perks are offered as an added incentive and encouragement, as well as for the sheer delight of the freebie.

With these extra insights on the benefits, we become more likely and more driven to implement wonderful and positive changes.

With spectacular results.

So, now that you know how easy it can be to enjoy such magical results, are you ready to start playing? 

Now is your chance to begin this inspiring, life-enhancing new connection with your muse – you’re going to send her a clear and powerful invitation to be more available and present…