The Muse Spa  :  Pre Spa Guide

Please take a few moments to read the following hints and tips, to enhance your results and help you enjoy the optimum Muse Spa experience.

• • •


Foundation & Flexibility.    How to get the most from this course.

Spa Code of Conduct.   There’s just one rule here, this is it.

Home Spa.  Guidance for taking the right action.

Spa materials.   Some optional enhancements for your journey.



How to get the most from this course


The course material is made up of 6 Treatment Menus, and these are arranged in a specific order.

Menus 1, 2 & 3 are concerned with the 3 sanctuaries of your life;

•  your physical body

•  your home and environment

• your inner sanctum, your peace of mind

The aim is to build a strong foundation of stable surroundings, inner calm and good health before exploring the more advanced creative practices in Menus 4, 5 & 6.


The treatments themselves are in no particular order, so feel free to cherry-pick whichever piques your interest the most. 

I believe that what we feel drawn to do is significant – so go with it.

The treatments are meant to be thought-provoking but not time-consuming.

Insights don’t need to be lengthy affairs – they can appear in a flash, just one word or sentence can create a massive internal shift, as I’m sure you know from previous epiphanies and ahas.

The Daily Prompts that accompanies the material are meant to provide the regular nudges that we need to maintain focus and momentum.

So if you’re in a busy spell and all you can manage is to read the 30-second emails every couple of days – that’s still progress and will keep your muse on her toes.

As always, go with what feels good.

Whatever is in this course that your muse is nudging you towards – you will find it.

And you thought it was you that made the decision to join us!

Your being here is just the first of many new muse Interventions.

By investing in this course, you’ve given your muse a priceless gift of attention and time.

She will appreciate the gesture and she won’t let you down.


The one and only Muse Spa rule

No matter how useful the following techniques and tips may be, there is one over-riding directive: 

relax and take it easy.

One of the over-arching aims of this course is to reduce the unnecessary and unproductive stress in your life, so the last thing we want to do is create more stress.

Aim to stay playful and light with all of the suggestions. Not least because the playful version of you is the one your muse loves to visit the most. (Like most of us, she’d rather stay away from struggle, stress or strain.)  

So, don’t worry or agonise over any decisions or changes. Don’t fret if you can’t implement any of the suggested changes. If any idea or technique is stressing you out, just leave that one for the time being.  

No technique is so vital that it’s worth getting stressed over.

Plus, it may not be the right one for you, or at least, not yet. You may come back to it later, which may turn out to be a far more perfect time. (Funny how that works….)

Besides, just ‘musing’ over the following concepts will be a powerful start.

In fact, if you did nothing other than browse the techniques that follow, I feel that you would still make great progress towards a more inspired life and a fun, productive relationship with your muse.

Merely pondering with a light curiosity can evoke powerful change.

So, the one rule of The Muse Spa is to stay bright and breezy. Keep it light.

If you notice any heaviness creeping in – first of all, give yourself a pat on the back for noticing. This in itself is progress.

Those subtle signals from within are what we are trying to encourage and hear more often.

So listen, notice and then adapt to those precious messages. 

Acknowledge the signal, then decide what to do next based on what would feel better; move onto a different treatment, or do something else altogether. 

It may help to be curious about why certain areas bring up ‘stuff’.

But then again it may not. Over-analysis can sometimes make things worse.

If you can just let it go, that may be the happier option. Or perhaps a little later, when you’re in a happier frame of mind, you may want to consider why you had that reaction – that can be interesting and enlightening.

Either way, if you just want to skip that and move on – do that.

You’re in charge. 

Let your inner sense guide you – this in itself is the important work of tuning into the subtle messages from within.

Joy is one of the most powerful muse magnets – so stay aware of how you feel, and if the course feels any less than an absolute pleasure, take a break.

Your muse will still be here when you get back.

There are places where pain is necessary for growth and development, but The Muse Spa isn’t one of them.

Here we opt for the joyous, effortless, fun-filled route.

The one that makes your muse sing.


Guidance for taking the right action

The aim of the following material is to introduce new possibilities and suggestions.

There are no ‘must-do’s. No Do’s and Don’ts. Just possibilities. 

Much of the work will just be suggestions to notice, to pay more attention and to ponder, consider new ways and ideas. Awareness itself can be a catalyst for new insights, actions and intentions. 

So, much of The Muse Spa curriculum is just a means of floating lots of ideas for you to assess and choose from. 

The intention is to spark the aspects of you that are drawn to certain techniques or changes.

I believe that there is magic in the musing and that in diving into the material, you’ll naturally be inspired to take certain actions, explore certain resources, make certain shifts.

And this impetus, which comes from within, is far more powerful than external motivations.

Although change does require action, when we’re inspired and lit by an inner spark, the prospect of taking action is so much more effortless – and enjoyable – than battling through resistance to do what we feel we ‘should’.

So that’s the guideline for your Muse Spa homework, or as we call it here; Home Spa.

If the treatments inspire you to take action – those are the tasks to do. 

• • • 

My hope is that you’ll be eager and excited to get going with the action steps and assignments – so workbooks are provided within each treatment, to help you document your responses and intentions. 

There will be plenty of questions to ask, ideas to ponder, and exercises to dive into if they feel fun. 

But please treat these simply as invitations to explore whatever resonates.

Tune into whichever actions are tugging at your sleeve.

That force is a message from your muse – and she knows what she’s doing.

Let her lead, even though you may not totally make sense of it. (Letting go of logic is one of her few demands.)

But remember the golden rule – do it only if it thrills you, not if it stresses you in any way. 

Just by posing these new ideas in your mind, you will have naturally begun the solution-finding process. Stress and force will only hinder that process.

So, if any of the work will add pressure to your life, leave it for now. It will have been logged and when the time is right, solutions will ‘magically’ pop into your head – courtesy of your marvellous muse. (She responds very well to even just a little attention.) 

And please feel free to customise your Home Spa tasks – we’re here to spark your creative spirit, so allow it the freedom to follow its own path. 

Use the practical suggestions as possible tactics, but if you feel more excited about your own version, that will undoubtedly work better for you.

• • • 

In essence then, your homework is only ever to choose a task that excites you and makes you feel a sense of possibility, bursting with ideas of how you could incorporate it into your life.

Take action on whatever spontaneously occurs to you. Do what excites you. 

Go where the fun is. Follow your intuition. Feel your way. 

Pursue whatever calls you, even if if makes no sense – especially if it makes no sense!

This could be your muse trying to get through and show you what she most needs you to nourish. 

In your Muse Spa journey, whichever way feels the easiest and most enjoyable is the right way for you.

This is how to prioritise your Home Spa actions, and by honouring yourself in this way, you are also hearing and honouring your muse.

And she’s going to love that.



Some optional enhancements to your journey

Here are a few ideas for optional course materials.

The upcoming treatments are the only thing you need to have a fulfilling and potentially life-changing experience in The Muse Spa.

However, there are a few additional elements that can deepen the benefits, enhance your enjoyment and accelerate your progress.

• • • 

• Notebook & Pen (or the digital equivalent)

Keeping a notebook or journal will help you catch your inspired brilliance as the creativity and ideas begin to flow. This can also help you track your progress and collect evidence of what works for you. (This evidence is a precious resource that will boost your creative courage – an essential ingredient on any creative path. More on that coming up.)

Writing down questions, doubts and dilemmas can also serve as fast-track access to inspired answers .

For extra Muse-wooing credits, you could invest in a beautiful journal that delights you and a pen that is an absolute pleasure to use.

• • • 

• Muse meeting place.

If possible, choose or create a dedicated space for your Muse Spa visits. Somewhere quiet, where you feel calm and focused. We’ll go deeper on the benefits of this later on, but for now, have a look around your space and see if there is anywhere that calls you as a spot you’d like to make your creative home.

• • • 

• Candle

If you can easily get hold of one, a natural, scented or beeswax candle can help with focus and lifting your mood. Don’t stress if you don’t have one or can’t easily get one. (If you muse wants you to have one, she’ll make sure one finds you.)

So, now that you know how it works around here,
I’d like to reveal the secret ingredient that’s going to deepen
and enhance the benefits you’ll receive from your upcoming treatments….