Treatment Menu 4 : Awareness


• Rhythms

• Habits

• Goals, dreams, purpose

• Noticing when muse visits

• Flow, peak performance

• Creative sweet spot

• Time + energy

• Your brain

Awareness Part I – You

become aware of life rhythms – why?
– more efficient and enjoyable use of time /energy (harness natural cycles instead of fighting them)
– match tasks to moods/energy

become aware of habits : are they supporting your creative goals?

become aware of how spending time: is it aligned with your dreams and creative rhythms? (Time + energy)

become aware of true desires, goals, intentions : when clear, inspired to go for them (Goals, dreams, purpose)

Awareness Part II – Muse Patrol

become aware of creative rhythms (flow) – why?
– know muse magnets >>> inspiration on demand
– reduce periods of block/procrastination/resistance/ having to force


• Your brain

Know thyself.

See quote – Which book? T&GR for women? 

Know yourself

Self discovery:  What works for you? How to find out, discover

Could also call this reflect. Or remember.

Ahas and epiphanies feel like revelations, but they also have a sense of; I already knew this…

As if, all the information and knowledge is always in there, already, just waiting to be remembered.

Quote; forget everything and remember<<< who said this?

Why bother with self awareness?

If you can find out what makes you happy, and then organise your life to do more of those things >>>

A) Happy life

B) Upward spiral?

– How you like to work

– How you want to live

– Your values

– Your definition of success

– Your creative dreams (role models?)

– When you feel inspired

– When you’re in the flow

– What you’re great at? The creative sweetspot

– How you’re spending your time – aligned with values & dreams? (Time book)

– What are your limiting beliefs, paradigms, miracles (shifts in perception)

IN this section, going to get more familiar with the true desires of your spirit, your preferences and purpose and callings, what really matters…

Then you can take steps to /make small adjustments to your life that make those more likely/more of an everyday ? .

For Muse Patrol;

Before you can trust intuitive messages, first you have to hear them.

Body’s messages? Kindle book?

Awareness intro quote

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Muse Patrol

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Sweet Spot

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Time & Energy

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