An Invitation to Your Muse

Before you dive into the core programme, there’s one small but powerful task to complete.

We’re going to call on the muse in her playground – your imagination.

It’s not a lengthy exercise but it’s a potent place to start.

All you have to do is answer a single question:

What are you hoping the Muse Spa will bring to your life?

Forming a clear and defined image of your ideal scenario is a powerful invitation to your muse.

Clarity is motivating and sends a strong message to the source of your inspiration.

So this is a great place to begin your journey, with a clear vision of what you would love to experience – both during the course as well as the long-term effects.

What do you hope to achieve?

What are the dream benefits?

How do you want to feel about yourself and your creative life?

What’s your big wish?

Dream big. Aspire. Imagine.

• • •

If you need time to ponder this, take time.

This is why you’re here – to spark your imagination and get in touch with your creative spirit.

There’s no rush.

If you find this a tricky place to start, don’t worry.

Finding creative clarity is covered further into the material.

But if you have a dream solution in mind, then right here would be a good place to record it, at the threshold of your new inspired life.

It will serve as a useful guide and a check-in further in the course, as well as a barometer of your progress.

So jot down your musings in the box below.

Mull over it, if that feels enjoyable, or just drop in the first words or phrases that pop into your head.

NB: Completing this step will begin the delivery of your course materials.

So please use the email address you’d like to receive your Muse Spa emails.

What are you hoping The Muse Spa will bring to your life?